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Markie is a Beehiiv and ConvertKit competitor. We’re taking what’s best from both and making it simpler and better. With Markie, you can create email lists and schedule sending campaign emails. You can easily manage your email lists for your clients and split out which emails go to which subscribers. This is also really useful for people that run multiple newsletters for different subscribers. We’ve included a Spam Score Checker for your campaign emails. With this you can check how likely your emails are to be treated as spam. We are continually adding new features, for example, ability to have fully managed email lists by us, creating email sequences, email templates, creating custom layouts & proper personalised AI to help you write your emails faster and better

  • 0 Learning curve
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Create email lists
  • Schedule sending campaign emails


  • Spam Score Checker
  • Fully managed email lists
  • Create email sequences
  • Create email templates
  • Create custom layouts
  • Personalised AI to help you write your emails faster and better
  • Import via CSV, Google Sheets, Airtable, Zapier
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Email marketing for all